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Checking the Vitals with Tysharra Belfon

Today, on another special COVID-19 episode, our guest is Tysharra Belfon, a PICC nurse on SpecialtyCare’s Surgical Services team. In this episode, we discuss the role of a PICC nurse, how COVID-19 impacts this specialty, and what precautions are being taken at her hospital to keep front-line workers safe.

Checking the Vitals with Gregg Agoston and Marcy Konja

In this episode, we talk to Gregg Agoston and Marcy Konja, two experts in the field of sterile processing. We discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted Sterile Processing Departments in hospitals around the country and how some can start preparing for the influx of elective surgeries as the shelter-in-place orders begin to ease up. Enjoy the conversation.

Special COVID-19 Episode with Traveling Clinical Technicians

In this episode, we talk to Denise Wetsch, Keaira Howard, and Arizbe Sanchez, clinical technicians in our Minimally Invasive Surgical Support service line, who purchased one-way tickets to Everett, Washington. We discuss why they made the decision stay and assist throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, how they are staying connected to their loved ones during this time, and how the community is helping support their clinicians.  Enjoy the conversation.

Special COVID-19 Episode with Peter Illig

Today our guest is Peter Illig, the CEO and general counsel for NCCAP, the National Certification Council for Activity Professionals. In this episode, we discuss how the COVID-19 outbreak is impacting the aging population, the importance of activity and engagement in that aging population, and how the activity directors in these in-home facilities are using some ingenious ways of still interacting with their aging residents all to protect that population that seems to be most susceptible to this COVID-19 crisis.

Special COVID-19 Episode with Kirti Patel

Today, our guest is Kirti Patel, the National Clinical Specialist for Perfusion at SpecialtyCare. In this episode, we discuss how the COVID-19 outbreak is impacting the Houston area, where Kirti is located. We also discuss in detail, what ECMO is, why a patient might need to be placed on ECMO, and how it is the last line of defense in someone’s fight against COVID-19. We also discuss some uplifting things that are happening in the Houston community to help these front line employees at the hospitals feel supported as they fight this COVID-19 outbreak.

Special COVID-19 Episode with Courtney Petersen

In this special episode, we focus on the COVID-19 outbreak that is currently happening in the United States and around the world. We speak to Courtney Petersen, a clinical manager for perfusion at SpecialtyCare. She shares with us what is going on, on the front lines at the hospitals in Denver where she is located, and some of the challenges that frontline clinicians face day to day with this new COVID-19 reality.

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