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Kurt Strudwick

Checking the Vitals with Kurt Strudwick

Joining us today is Kurt Strudwick, a clinical educator for ECMO services at Specialty Care. In today's episode we talked to Kurt about how a family tragedy in his youth led him to have a passion for working in healthcare, how we started working in extra corporeal membrane oxygenation which ...
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Checking the Vitals with Greg Lanford

In this conversation, Dr. Lanford and I discuss his career path to becoming a neurosurgeon and how he incorporates an entrepreneurial spirit into his medical practice. We also discuss the factors that led him to be an early adopter of new technologies ...
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Checking The Vitals with Dr Brian Lima

Checking The Vitals with Dr Brian Lima

In our conversation, Dr. Lima and I discuss what led him to a career in healthcare, specifically heart transplantation surgery and how future plans include him authoring his own book. I think you'll find the part of the conversation about engaging a heart failure specialist early on in the heart ...
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Checking the Vitals with Dr Mark Li

Today my guest is Dr. Mark Li, the Chief of Neurosurgery at Lehigh Valley Health Network. In this conversation, Dr. Li and I discuss how imaging has changed the way we look at and treat issues with the brain. I think you’ll particularly enjoy our discussion about the three different ...
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We have a staff perfusionist opportunity in Ocala, FL. This is an adult-only program that performs approximately 350 cases per year with very little ECMO. Apply today and join our team!

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If you’re a perfusionist, you don’t want to miss our next webinar, “Lessons Learned from 335 ECMO Cases with COVID-19: How Does Management Compare with Non-COVID-19 ECMO Procedures,” on Wednesday, March 10th at 5 p.m. EST. Register today!

Join our exceptional Perfusion team in Reading, PA! This two perfusionist team performs 150 adult open-heart cases including CABG and valves, minimally invasive valves, aortic repair, and TAVRs. Generous sign-on bonus included!

We are looking for a Staff Perfusionist to join our team in Tallahassee, FL. You will support two leading surgeons doing approximately 200 cases. No ECMO, VADs, or transplants. Sign-on bonus & new grads welcome! Learn more.

Apply today for our surgical neurophysiologist open position in Rancho Cucamonga, CA! This dedicated and energetic team supports mostly spine surgeries in addition to craniotomies and thyroidectomies. Learn more here:

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